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Why Book with Us?

There are many, many options available today for making travel arrangements

However it always comes down to price, knowledge, and service.

Like we tell our clients. For a certain travel package someone always has the best price. What we do is try to find the best price and then use all available tools to get the price even lower. We feel we are experts when it come to finding some of the best pricing you will find anywhere using a combination of sale prices, promotion codes, and discounts.



Every week, approximately once per week, all tour companies offer new sales and "deals". We know when sales occur with the various tour companies. We often have advance notice of sales. We know just by looking at a price whether it is a good price, a great price, or a poor price based on years of past pricing for that same or similar resort.

Promotion Codes

There are many, many promotional codes available at all times. Many are hard to find and are not accessible to the public. They may be destination specific, resort specific, date specific, or even airline specific. They offer savings up to $500 right off the top of a travel package.


We are one of the original vacation discounters and have been doing this to help clients save money for years. Discounts always vary by the type of travel package, amount of the vacation package, and tour company.

Our clients get discounts on all travel packages.

Many clients get all three types of savings on their vacation packages with us.

As far as pricing we believe no one should pay retail for travel and that one should always get the most for their travel dollar. When we price we consider value over cheap. Anyone can find cheap but value is trickier. Value simply means the most resort for your money. Spotting those hidden values is something we are very good at doing on a daily basis as we monitor all sales and upcoming sales. We often have advance notice of upcoming sales.

Even more important at times is knowing deals to avoid. If a "deal" does not meet what you want in a resort it is not really a deal. Whenever possible we try to customize the best options based on what you want in a resort. Occasionally people just want cheap. If this is what you want we of course can price anything you want.

As far as knowledge being well traveled we know the destinations, the resorts, the managers, and tour company representatives. We tell it like it is, and let you know our opinion whenever possible.

When it comes to service our clients know our service does not end once they are booked and paid in full. We contact resorts before arrival for all clients whenever possible, we are available for all clients when they are traveling, we follow-up with all clients once they return, and help with any post travel issues. We help with travel insurance issues when we can. Whether it be a short weekend getaway, a destination Caribbean wedding, corporate getaway/retreat, a tour of Europe, or a world cruise we are here for you.

How To Book With Us

There are a number of ways to book with us.

Contact us today to hear more about these fantastic discount getaways.